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Which Gem-stone (Ratna) suits you?


Before we prescribe any such Gem-stone we would like to tell you that there are three schools of thoughts regarding wearing of Gem-stone, either in a Ring or in a Pendant. Some Astrologers recommends wearing of a Gem-stone as per your Moon-sign/ Sun-sign. Some Astrologers following another school of thought suggest wearing of Gem-stone according to Running Mahadasha. Some even go to the extent of proposing same Gem-stone for propitiating or reducing adversity of an adverse planet to one and enhancing benefic effects same planet to another person. How it can be true. It is simply contradictory and not true. All these recommendations are incomplete solutions, rather sometimes fraught with adverse effects. In fact any Gem-stone or Gem-stones should be prescribed for a benefic planet but weak, as per its placement in ones horoscope, for its empowerment. Not only this, care should also be taken to suggest Gem-stones that they are not for planets at war. Further care should also be taken about timing of wearing it.

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