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Lucky Gems & Stones

Lucky Gems

Some Astrologers suggest wearing of Gem-stone in a ring as per your Moon-Sign. Some suggest as per your “Running Maha Dasha” or Period. Some suggest wearing of Gem-stone of a Planet Causing trouble to propitiate it. All these suggestions are not correct. As some time they have been found to be disastrous. Actually Gem-Stones do enhance power of that Planet to whom they represent. As such well placed weak planets shall give better results, whereas ill placed weak planets may yield ill-effects. So NEVER wear a Gem-Stone as per above mentioned three aspects but get examined properly. Destiny Pundit shall suggest you proper Gem-Stone only after thorough examination. Please fill-in your Birth details like Correct Time of Birth, Correct date of Birth and Correct Place of Birth for Knowing PROPER Ratna (Gem-Stone) for you.

How can Gemstones help you?

Vedic astrology says that each Gemstone represents a particular planet, and wearing the planet's gemstone will attract positive vibes and enhance the planet's effects in your life.

Your Lagna Gemstone

Your Ascendant (Lagna) is the most important house and wearing its Gemstone will enhance your your overall fortune. That's why the ascendant's gemstone is considered the most basic and important gemstone that you can wear.

Get the lucky gemstone for your lagna

Fill in your birth-details below, or select your Ascendant from the list to discover what's the lucky gemstone for you.

This report only has your sun-sign gemstone. If you are interested in improving specific areas of your life, like health, finances, family, mental peace, etc., then you can get our full Gemstone analysis. The full report will cover all the gemstones lucky for you along with the method of wearing them, remedies, etc., and will also warn you about gemstones not suitable for you.

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