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Sade Sati Analysis

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Sade Sati refers to a time period of seven and half years dominated by the influence of Saturn in our life. In India, Sade Sati or Saturn spells dread and apprehensions. In Vedic astrology, moon is the major force that governs our life. This is unlike western astrology, where `Sun sign` is considered far more important than `Moon sign`. Moon sign or Janmarashi in our horoscope is the zodiac in which the moon is placed at the time of our birth.

Saturn is the cold, stern planet, famously known as a tough taskmaster. It causes delays, gloom and frustration wherever it goes. Sade sati is the time when our Janmarashi comes under the influence of Saturn. Saturn transits through each zodiac or Rashi, in two and a half years. Sade sati is the time when Saturn is transiting through the sign previous to the Janmarashi (two and half years), in the Janmarashi itself (again two and a half years) and the sign next to Janmarashi (again two and half years making it a course of 7 and half years in total). Saturn`s transit in each Rashi is known as Dhaiyya.

Hence, the phases of Sade sati are not same for everyone. For rare few people the period can turn out to be fatal, for most it is most trying one, while it proves to be highly prosperous time period for few others. For an individual, different Dhaiyya give different effects on health, wealth, career, marriage and relations. Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn and Aquarius. It is also the yoga karaka (that planet which has the power and energy to bring growth, progress, prosperity, good luck and good fortune) for Taurus and Libra rising signs. When Sade-sati occurs for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius moon signs, the Sade-Sati tends to be less negative.

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