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From time immortal the sky has always been a point of curiosity for all Human race. As such discoveries continued to unveil the secrets of the Universe. Jyotish or Astrology is said to be one of the Ten Oldest Texts or Grantham (Basic Holy Books) of Hindu Mythology. They are 4 Nos. Vedas and 6 Nos. Shastras. Ravana, the king of Lanka who was defeated by Shri Ram, was known to be the Master of all 10. That is why he is also known as Dashanan means Ten-Headed. One out of six Shastras is Jyotish Shastra, meaning Knowledge of Lighting Bodies (Stars etc.). It has mainly three divisions Siddhanta or mathematics, Hora and Samhita. Astronomy was one of the sub-divisions of mathematics. Jyotish being derivative of Rigveda and Yajurveda is also called Vedanga (Part of Vedas). As such Astrology prevalent in and around India based on Vedanga is known as Vedic Astrology. In broader sense Astrology has two sides: a) Chalit and 2) Phalit. Whereas the ‘Chalit’ deals with pure calculations of movement and location of all Universal Lighting Bodies like Sun, Planets and Stars in the sky, The Phalit deals with their cosmic effect on all live or dead objects on Earth.

Rahu (or Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (or Dragon’s Tail) are not any planets but merely Points of inter-section of Planes of Earth’s Orbit and Moon’s Orbit. They do not physically exist but taken in the calculations as points. As such they are known as ‘Chhaya-Graha’ or ‘Shadow Planets’

If you look up at Sky, you may visualize some specific shapes. Based on these shapes or formations 12 Signs and 27 Nakshatras (Constellations) have been named. You may also see a continuity from ‘Aries’ (Ashwini) to ‘Cancer’(Ashlesha), ‘Leo’ (Magha) to ‘Scorpio’ (Jyeshtha) and ‘Sagittarius’ (Moola) to Pisces’ (Revati). And there are gaps between these three combinations. These gaps between Revati & ‘Ashwini’, Ashlesha’ & ‘Magha’ and ‘Jyeshtha’ & ‘Moola’ are called ‘Gandanta’ or ‘Khandanta’, meaning end of a section. A person born at the time of rising of these gaps at Horizon has either least chances of survival or extra-ordinary character.

Dear Subscriber you may understand that any Astrologer may work-out accurate position of planets in signs, but assigning a meaning to it may be very difficult as there shall be millions of permutations & combinations of 12Nos. of Planets in12 Nos. of Signs (And 27 Nakshatras) and 12 Nos. of divisions or ‘Bhavas’. That is why many astrologers differ from each other. We at ‘Destiny Pundit’ shall strive hard to provide you accurate predictions and analysis in accordance to ‘Vedic Astrology’ under the Control, Guidance and Blessings of “Maa Durga”.

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